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GlobalThe Great Spiritual Center "Mohra Sharif" (Holy Village; Mohra for "small village" and Sharif for "holy" or "noble") is an great spiritual center and home of the Naqshbandia, Mujaddadiya. Qasimiya sufi order, read more...

TasbihShajra Sharif Murids must read on daily basis highly recommended.

Daily Wazaifs Azkaars of Naqshbandiya/Qasimiya Order.


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A very old and rare manuscript of the first volume of Maktubat sharif of Hazrat Imam Rabbani Shaykh Ahmad Sirhindi Faruqi (d. 1034 AH) in Persian.

The first volume of Maktubat sharif contains 313 letters with three additional letters appended at the end which were written by his son Khwaja Muhammad Sadiq Faruqi Naqshbandi (who died at a young age of 25).

Digitized by the University of Kashmir.



A low quality version (150 dpi) can be downloaded below. There are 416 pages in total, weighing about 1.45 GB as raw pictures. Original pictures are available at

Download PDF (147 MB)

Files hosted at archive.org






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