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Manuscript about Naqshbandi tariqa by Imam Murtada al-Hussaini az-Zabidi


Manuscript about Naqshbandi tariqa by Imam Murtada al-Hussaini az-Zabidi (d. 1205 AH)

This is a manuscript containing the following three short writings:

المنح العليه في طريقة السادة النقشبنديه

بلغة الغريب في مصطلح آثار الحبيب صلى الله عليه وسلم

ملفوظات الشيخ محمد بن علي الجزاوي

 All these are in the handwriting of al-Bahravi, who copied them in 1223 AH.




Imām Muhammad ibn Muhammad ibn Muhammad ibn 'Abdul Razzāq al-Husayni al-Zabīdī, Abul Fayd and is widely known as Murtadā al-Zabīdi. [1145-1205 AH/ 1732-1790 CE] He was a Hanafī scholar, lexicographer, linguist, a grandmaster in Hadīth, genealogy, biographies and personal histories [Hadīth, ansāb, rijāl]. He was a prolific writer. Apart from Arabic, he was proficient in Turkish, Persian and a language of Karaj. He is the author of great Arabic dictionary Taj al-Aroos (20 volumes), the only complete commentary (sharah) of Imam Ghazali's Ihya Uloom ad-Din (published in 14 volumes), and many other smaller books.

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