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Tahqeeq-ul Haqq-ul Mubeen Fi Ajwibat Masail Arbaeen, originally in Persian and translated in Urdu, is a book written by the great Naqshbandi master and shaykh of 19th century Shah Ahmad Saeed Mujaddidi Madani (1217-1277). It was written to refute the book Masail Arbaeen of Shah Muhammad Ishaq Dehlavi who was one of the founders of Indian Wahhabism. This book is an evidence to the struggles of Naqshbandi Sufi masters against the Wahhabi movement and sectarian preaching in India.




Tahqeeq-ul-Haqq-ul-Mubeen (Farsi and Urdu)

Author: Hazrat Shah Ahmad Saeed Mujaddidi Muhajir-Madani (1217-1277 AH)

Urdu translation: Maulana Muhammad Shareef Hazarvi.

Persian edition was first published in 1318 AH (1900 CE).

Pages (Urdu): 92, Pages (Farsi): 44.

Digitized by Maktabah Mujaddidiyah (www.maktabah.org) April 2012.

Note: The books were digitized from photocopies as the original sources were not available.


تحقیق الحق المبین فی اجوبۃ مسائل اربعین، از شاہ احمد سعید مجددی مہاجر مدنی قدس سرہ

Download Urdu PDF (10 MB)

Download Farsi PDF (5 MB)

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