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GlobalThe Great Spiritual Center "Mohra Sharif" (Holy Village; Mohra for "small village" and Sharif for "holy" or "noble") is an great spiritual center and home of the Naqshbandia, Mujaddadiya. Qasimiya sufi order, read more...

TasbihShajra Sharif Murids must read on daily basis highly recommended.

Daily Wazaifs Azkaars of Naqshbandiya/Qasimiya Order.


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The oldest authentic collection of Hadith, called Sahifah Hammam Bin Munabbih An Abu Hurairah Radiallaho Anhu.


This research work is based on two very rare and ancient manuscripts of the first ever book of Hadith written by a Tabi'i scholar, narrated from Abu Hurairah. Although all these Hadiths are scattered in other Hadith books and included in Musnad of Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal, here these are presented in the original form of a collection as written by Hammam bin Munabbih.

Research by Dr. Muhammad Hamidullah

Published in 2007, 280 pages

Pages 94 to 112 were missing from the printed book.

Digitized by Maktabah Mujaddidiyah (www.maktabah.org) in September 2012

دنیا کا قدیم ترین مجموعۂ حدیث

صحیفہ ہمام بن منبہ عن ابو ہریرہ رضی اللہ عنہم

تحقیق: ڈاکٹر محمد حمیداللہ

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